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Coaching Skills for

Managers and Leaders

In order to embed the kind of organisation culture that we were talking about on the Leadership Coaching page, a culture that we could describe as a ‘coaching culture’, the organisation needs to take the steps to ensure that leaders at all levels from supervisors to senior leaders posses basic coaching skills.

In order to achieve this I propose a highly experiential and interactive two-day training programme. 

This is structured around a two-week interval between the two workshop days which enables the participants to complete an assignment and practise the tools and techniques presented on-site in the workplace environment as well as online working from home. 


Then on the second day of the programme they will have an opportunity to review their experiences, the assignment, the results achieved and issues arising from the practice and to hone and perfect their skills in addition to learning further skills and concepts.  


The aims and objectives of the programme are as follows:


  • Define coaching and how it interrelates to training, mentoring, counseling and career counseling

  • Identify the qualities of an effective coach

  • Conduct effective coaching sessions by:

  1. Using advanced listening skills

  2. Asking powerful questions

  3. Guiding the coachee towards solutions to problems

  • Describe your own Thinking Style within the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Explain how you can apply your understanding of MBTI Thinking Styles in your leadership role and whilst coaching

  • Identify performance problems and learn how to solve them using your coaching skills

  • Deliver feedback effectively

  • Identify and practise communication behaviours designed to create a co-operative ‘coaching culture’ within the team​.


If you are interested to learn more about this two-day coaching skills training for leaders and managers do Contact me.

Registered Training Centre 

I am a registered training centre able to offer training to organizations under the PPF  (Professional Training Plan) and also to individuals wishing to undertake a training course using their CPF (Personal Training Account).


I offer these training programmes in the following areas:


  • Leadership training skills including:

        • Coaching skills for managers and leaders  (see above for details)

        • MBTI  (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

        • Delegation

        • Feedback

        • Conflict management

        • Time management


  • Quantum skills coaching for coaching academies or individual coaches (see below for details)


Quantum Skills for

Coaches Training

If you are a coach and are interested in learning more about  my quantum-influenced approach to coaching to incorporate into your own practice, do please click to visit  the Quantum Skills for Coaches website   where you can purchase my book and dvd Quantum Skills for Coaches as well as learning about the training options available.

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