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  • Annette Simmons

Choosing the App I-ness

Having coaching is a bit like going to the App Store and downloading an app.


Our basic operating system is perfect. User friendly, very sensitive to changing environmental and internal conditions, knows itself and how it is designed, is happiest when it is doing what it was programmed to do and, using its highly intuitive authentic intelligence (AI) makes the finest choices when faced with a variety of options. And it loves itself for this. However after its creation and before really finding its legs, Quality Control oversees the installation of some challenge-ware.

What is this for?

Well, an intrinsic element of this perfect design is that in order for the operating system to attain fully functional performance it needs some real-life training, to build up its software muscle and develop firmware. This training comes in the form of challenges - as in a computer game really.

What kind of challenges?

There’s a limitless choice! It’s really up to the individual device to choose them.

How so?

Well since each device is unique the ‘fully functional performance’ (FFP) I mentioned earlier looks different for each one. So in order to get to this finest version of themselves they need to work with the challenge-ware to invent the challenges that actually mirror this FFP or purpose; that represent the purpose in a metaphorical way. All the devices are programmed to be highly responsive to metaphor.

So, for example, some individuals will create challenges in their relationships. For others it will be to do with their physical appearance, their abilities, their intelligence level, their power or lack of power, their self-doubt - even self-hate. It could be a fear of taking risks or even of simply stepping outside their comfort zone (which isn’t all that comfy really). It could be a sense of fear of isolation, rejection, loss, anxiety, anger with the world or with themselves. They might even doubt that they have any purpose at all, any value or rights..… the list goes on and on.

Powerful stuff!

Yeah, you bet! And each challenge presents itself to the device in the form of an event, a series of events or in their life circumstances.

But you say that the individual devices have to invent the challenges themselves. Why is this?

Because none of these challenges are real. They don’t really exist. So the individual has to first design the ones that will reflect their unique purpose and which will therefore work the best for them, and then install them into their system as temporary software.

Then they activate them; usually by an event or set of circumstances which appear to occur from outside of the device so it generally doesn’t recognise that it is both the designer and the installer of the so-called ‘problem’. Sometimes, depending on the device itself, which may consider these circumstances to be a form of malware, this can generate a lot of anger with whatever external force they believe did this to them. And this anger, can really slow down the length of running time of the challenge-ware.

So then what happens?

Well, the programmes run daily, within the belief system causing some malfunctions in the device - of course. This is necessary in order to draw the device’s attention to the issue and for it to learn how to recognise what part of their purpose is being metaphorically shown to them. Eventually many individuals begin to see that these are not challenges at all, but really development gifts and they start to celebrate them.

You mentioned coaching earlier. So how does a coach help in this?

The period of time it takes for a device to get to this stage of recognising the challenges for what they are - fabrications of their own imagination - can vary from individual to individual. And it can cause considerable wear and tear on the device which may doubt it will ever learn to transform this challenge-ware. And sadly some individuals will not achieve this during their life-span. Should they seek help with this, the coach’s job is to help the client to see beyond the obstacles and know that they are not real. They do not represent reality. Then they take them gently by the hand and direct them towards the App Store where there is a vast array of amazing concepts, all easily available. Having talked with the individual at length, the coach is able to identify which apps might best suit their specific challenges and can help them to choose and click onto these and then download them into their operating system. And because each app perfectly mirrors its corresponding challenge, they integrate into each other thus personalising the app and upgrading it to optimum functionality. The coach accompanies the individual device throughout this period of discovery until they can confidently master each app and know who they really are.

And at that point, (whether the individual has achieved this with or without the assistance of the coach) Quality Control adds a very special feature - the individual gets direct access to their higher self which was actually within it the whole time, managing the creation of the challenges and observing its progress.

Then happens an automatic and magical connection to the soul.

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